* Best for your Vincent- a Fact not a Slogan

About us



The Company was formed in 1974 by The Vincent HRD Owners Club to ensure a supply of parts for Vincent Motorcycles, that were manufactured by the Vincent company until 1955. The club is the major shareholder, but there are many members and non members who bought shares. There have never been any dividends paid, as any profits are fed back into ensuring the continuity of the spares supply  

The articles of the Company



The company is run by the Managing Director and two staff.  Joining the MD on the board are five unpaid volunteer directors who are also members of the VOC, including the VOC Liaison officer who also sits on the VOC Executive Comittee. The company’s principle activities are providing spares, acting as agents in the sales of customers bikes and selling the VOC regalia, books and clothing.

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Arthur Farrow Chairman (Volunteer Director)
Tony Milbourn VOC liason {Volunteer Director)
Bob Patchett Managing Director
Ian Savage (Volunteer Director)
Tim Kingham Company Secretary (Volunteer Director)
Malcolm Mckenzie (Volunteer Director)
Michelle Customer Service Manager
Sarah. Office and Operations Co-ordinator

The VOC Spares Company Limited trading as Vincent Spares +44(0) 1536 312 220