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1937 Vincent Meteor

1937 Vincent Meteor A letter on file states this machine was dispatched to Conways on 12 August 1937. It was owned by Walter Crocker (Now Deceased) of St Albans for 40 years - In 1995 it was owned by Peter Woodhead also of St Albans. 24th April 2007 the Meteor was sold as a restoration project to the current VOC member in the U.K. UFM/RFM, Engine, Gearbox & Oil Pump numbers match the Works Order Form A rare bronze head was offered as part of the sale. As the machine was totally dismantled initial thoughts were to build the engine to ‘Comet Special’ Spec, using the Bronze Head & Comet 5X cam, Hi Comp piston, TT carb & Brooklands silencer. Further correspondence from the late great Bob Stafford suggested the Standard Comet spec made a better road bike (correspondence on file). When the engine was fitted to the frame the long inlet of the TT fouled the frame so the decision was made to follow Bob Stafford’s advice. A post war pre monobloc carb is currently fitted. The petrol tank was refinished by a respected paintwork specialist. The restoration took 4 years with the assistance of certain marque specialists. The engine & gearbox rebuild were completed by Bob Dunn around 10 years ago. In 2012 it was ridden to a local event where it won best in show. • Mag Dyno Rebuild • Correct Series A Brampton forks • Conway’s Honda Clutch Fitted • Rare Miller Horn Button & Stop Light switch fitted. • Dunlop wheel rims have been re-chromed. • Front Brake & Clutch levers are solid & believed period items but slightly longer-possibly Bowden. • Post war Pre monobloc carb fitted • Receipts, other documents & photos detailing restoration. • VOC Dating Certificate issued March 2021 A lovely Series A single that deserves more use. £55,000.