* Best for your Vincent- a Fact not a Slogan

1949 Vincent ‘B’ Rapide

This machine was collected for Jack Surtees on 12 April 1949. Although a series 'B' model, the copy of the works order form with the bike has the Brampton forks entry crossed out and Girdraulics substituted which were quite a rare addition for that period. In 1994 at around 40,000 miles the bike had £5000 (£10,000 today) spent on a rebuild by Derek Sayer, the current mileage is 46,226 miles so its average mileage since then is about 250 miles per year ! The rebuild details,copy of the works document,Parts list, V5 and green logbook are all contained in extensive documentation accompanying the machine.The UFM is numbered correctly but not in the original factory font. In the interests of comfort the machine is currently fitted with touring bars and the original seat and squab has had an additional foam layer added. £45,000 ono

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