1955 Series D

1955  Black Knight     RYU298          

Frame number RD12999/F

Engine number F10AB/2B/10692





This machine was purchased in 1965 for the princely sum of £30. It was in three tea chests but complete, less engine. The owner kept the engine, much modified, in a Norvin.

Nothing was done for about twenty years when a Comet engine was obtained with a view to building a replica Victor. However, there were too many problems and the project was abandoned.


In 1998 a ‘Comet’ was obtained fitted with an engine from a “D” Shadow.


About three years later a complete restoration and rebuild was done. The deviation from standard listed below.


Sealed valve guides,

Stellite faced Mark 3 cams and followers.

Steel idler gear

Alton AC generator

Twin disc brake. Both wheels rebuilt

Prop stand

Grosser electric starter

Shoria 218a/h Lithium Ion battery

Alloy rims

Hydraulic steering damper

 Aluminium head brackets from HE30TF heat treated billet

Close-fitting aluminium mudguard for the rear wheel

Two-tone air horns



£45,000 firm