Vincent Trials Outfit


This outfit was built to be used for the MCC trials, like the Edinburgh Trial and smaller events, by the VMCC or green lane riding Sadly, circumstances changed and as a result the bike has hardly been used since it was built.

The bike has been built from mainly original parts using a miss-matched Rapide crankcases, Comet UFM with an original registration and the Canterbury trials sidecar body.


The Engine

Original Rapide un-paired crankcases were machined to match by Maughan. New spindles, main bearings and oil pump fitted. The crankshaft was reconditioned by Maughan. New cylinder barrels with 7:1 pistons were fitted. The heads have new valves, guides and rocker bearings etc. All parts of the timing chest are new with new gears and Gary Robinson Stellite MK1 Cams.

The Clutch is a Holder multi-plate, the engine sprocket is a specially made item with 4 teeth less than standard, in order to lower the ratio specifically for trials.

The Carbs are AMAL 276 as originally fitted and have gauze filter type air intakes.


The Electrics

Ignition is by Scintilla Magneto, with manual advance and retard the dynamo, re-built by Paul Dunn, has a V-tee regulator and a negative earth, which copes easily with the LED lamps. The headlamp is a Velocette type Millar because it has the style of the original but will accept the more modern light unit.


Cycle parts

The forks are fitted with a short top link and have all new spindles, new line reamed bushes and eccentrics, all done at Maughan. The rear damper is a Koni, the front a re-built Maughan Vincent damper, rear springs are the Pettiford long heavy variety. The seat frame is made to fit a standard dual seat with all the necessary hand holds. The fuel tank is new. Wheel rims are new WM2 x 21 F and WM3 x 1 8R. All the brake drums are Shadow. The brake shoes were relined by Classic Brake Services. All the Wheel bearings are new and the hub bolts are stainless. The brake plates are new and alloy, of the of the rear Lightning pattern. The front plates are modified to fit the forks and the boss with the speedo drive gear box machined to be on the left inside to protect from damage.



The body is a trials Canterbury, which has been re-skinned and reupholstered, but retaining its original beading, foot grip strips and hand hold bar. The chassis is a Canterbury, with a new Hagon suspension unit and wheel rim.


44000 ono