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The Vincent Owners Club Spares Company Limited (VOC spares Company Ltd) trading as Vincent Spares


Should I buy a Vincent?

Vincents are reliable, sturdy machines; capable of safe long distance motoring even in today’s traffic. However, new owners will go through a “learning curve” especially if they buy a machine with an unproven history. It took many of us years to bring our bikes to perfection and most of us enjoyed the process.

If such a process is not for you buy a bike from an enthusiast who has used it frequently for longer journeys with confidence.

Spare parts should always be obtained only from the VOC Spares Co Limited (Vincent Spares) who keeps in stock almost every part. Few modern machines share such a great benefit let alone historic ones.

There are some very good books available and Vincent Spares will advise you which the “must haves” are.

All Vincents are fabulous machine whether a 500cc or a 1,000cc. Most new owners wonder why they never discovered them before!! They are easy to handle and an absolute joy to ride. A 500 will rev cleanly and sweetly with negligible vibration and is of course lighter, but all 1,000’s be they Rapides or Black Shadows will thunder along on a whiff of throttle and accelerate briskly.

You can cruise a twin at 80 and a single at 70 with ease.

Do I buy a Rapide or a Black Shadow? Well really there is little to choose in terms or performance the only difference in specification is larger carbs, higher compression and a spot of black paint! Oh and the price.

There was nothing to compare with a Vincent in the 40’s and 50’s or even 60’s and there still is not, but be prepared to draw a crowd wherever you go!. They are pretty!!

Vincents handle and hold the road very well however there are many improvements that can be incorporated into a machine intended for substantial use, such as updated braking, ignition systems or the fitting of a more conventional centre stand.

A machine which the current owner has modified with touring panniers or some such should be viewed with favour. Don’t rush to change it all back to standard they were done for a reason. Enjoy and work out the reasons, then decide.

There are many standard machines cranking up perfectly satisfactory longer mileages so modification is not necessary and an entirely standard machine will still be an absolute joy.

It seems obvious to say, but every Vincent is pretty much 60 years old.

The Vincent HRD Owners Club.

The first advice any prospective Vincent owner should receive is that it is absolutely imperative to join the Vincent HRD Owners Club. Before going looking!

The VOC, as it is commonly known, has approximately 2,600 members, with approximately half in UK and half throughout the world. The Club has a very full programme of events and is the best possible resource for technical information. Information on membership and other matters is available at www.voc.uk.com.

Some 40 years ago, in response to growing concerns about the quality and future supply of parts, the Club set up its own spare parts business, VOC Spares Co Limited, of which Arthur Farrow is the current Voluntary Chairman and Ian Savage the current Managing Director.

The VOC Spares Company Ltd (Vincent Spares).

The business turns over in excess of £500,000 per annum, with a board of Directors who are all Club Members, primarily volunteers, experienced in company management. All Directors are long term Vincent enthusiasts and in particular Ian Savage the operational MD has over 40 years’ experience having started riding a Comet as a schoolboy!!

Vincent Spares is a one-stop source for all Vincent parts, it being possible to build a new machine from parts held in stock if it is so required. A number of machines and engines have been built entirely from modern manufactured spares and function excellently.

The business is professionally run and is owned by the Club and its membership who subscribed by the purchase of shares when the company was set up. Profits are reinvested in the business for the benefit of Vincent owners. No Dividends are paid however Shareholders and VOC Members receive a 10% discount from list prices.

In the main, parts are manufactured from modern C.A.D. drawings produced by the Club’s Technical Committee, with a view to constant improvement in the product. Only parts from Vincent Spares are made to these drawings and standards.

Whilst other businesses supply parts for Vincents, none can offer the range, availability or accuracy as provided by the Vincent Spares the market leader by miles. Members of the Club receive a 10% discount on orders. Membership fees are soon recouped.