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Lower down this page are the two entry points to the Vincent Spares web shop. Sales of spares are open to anyone, but members of the VOC enjoy a discount of 10% on most items, so because of this you must register and be accepted via the new user link before placing any orders via the customer link

When comparing prices remember: All prices include standard delivery e.g. Second-class post, economy air freight etc. For any special delivery requirements e.g. Signed for, express air, preferred couriers, etc. additional costs will be charged. Shipments over £1,000 will be insured at cost. Secondly remember quality is important to us so when comparing with others ensure the materials are the same and that the parts are made to the correct drawings. And remember we have the most comprehensive stock of vincent parts on the planet

Click the “new customer” button above, to take you to the shop, BUT on that next screen do not enter a name or password ,instead click on the ‘new customer’ link indicated by the red arrow in the picture below, this will take you to a new customer form.

When entering your details enter your full name eg:Vincent,Philip and then  if you are a VOC member your membership number (it is this that will qualify you for your discount). Enter your email (Remember your email will be your user name in the future ) click ‘create new user’ and you will receive a conformation email.

We will approve your application during UK office hours, and when we have done that you will receive a further email with a link to enter a password of your choice. You will then have a name ( your email) and a shop password and can log in normally in future.on the RH panel

Click the button above, to take you to the shop, remember the prices shown are your prices and include any discounts you may be entitled to. Once you are logged in to help you locate parts you can use the search box located in the top left of the parts screen. A summary of your purchases are shown in the top right of the screen

Non EU Customers

We have identified a fault in the software in that when Non-EU customers place an order even though you tick the ‘No VAT’ box when you check out, VAT gets added to the total and sent to credit card processing page. At this point no money is taken from your account you have only ‘authorised’ us to take up to that amount,, We will take the correct amount when we invoice (ship) the order. The software developer has acknowledged the fault and is working on a solution.

log on screen showing' new user' link
log on screen showing' new user' link

The VOC Company Limited trading as Vincent Spares +44(0) 1536 312 220