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You will find a list of links below to technical information sheets about components fitted to Vincents, where marked * they can also be found in context in our web shop on the relevant pages but are also gathered here for your convenience.

Amal Carburettors                               *Vincent standard Amal carburettors and their major parts  

BSW BSF Spanner sizes                        *Head sizes and metric equivalents

Engine and Frame Numbers                  How the Vincent engine and frame numbers can be decoded

Fastners part number                            *A list of fasteners by type giving part number

Half time pinion sizing                          Half time pinions and their fit

Mudguards                                            *How to adjust the radius of a Mudguard

Omega piston weights                           Table of Omega piston weights

Piston ring fitting                                    Notes on fitting piston rings

Valve lifter seal mod                              How to fit the improved valve lifter seal

Control Cable lengths                             Lengths of Control Cables for 276 & 289 Carburettors

Alton 1                                                   First design. For coil ignition and off switch

Alton 2                                                  Later design. Switch not required, no coil ignition

Alton 3                                                   First design. No coil ignition with off switch

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